Let Yourself Be Cared For with Urgent Care Biloxi, MS


We at On Call Medical Clinic know that one thing that you do not want to experience is being sick when you have important things to do. You do not want to feel tired and weak to do these things. Your immune system can be compromised and you succumb to sickness brought about by bacteria or viruses. This is why we are here when those unexpected situations arise.

Missing a few days of work can be a problem for you especially if there are some tasks that you need to do urgently. It is a good thing that you can get the urgent care Biloxi, MS that you need from us at On Call Medical Clinic.

The urgent care Biloxi, MS that we can provide is available 7 days a week. It does not matter whether you need our help when it is late at night or very early in the morning. Our medical staff will be more than willing to provide the assistance that you need, we are just a call away from helping.

The urgent care Biloxi, MS that we can provide can be helpful if you are searching for a clinic that can treat your minor wounds and cuts or if you are feeling a bit nauseous because of something you just ate. We have all the needed equipment that will allow us to examine you for those minor conditions. If a broken or fractured bone is the situation, we have all the needed equipment to handle this situation as well.

Our medical staff are highly trained and have received extensive education so you can be assured that they well prepared to help. We have helped many satisfied patients receive the medical attention needed with their primary cares doctor’s offices are closed.

If you need us, please give us a call now at 228 818-8155 so you can get the urgent care Biloxi, MS that you need right away?

You Deserve the Best Urgent Care Biloxi, MS

urgent care biloxi ms

We at On Call Medical Clinic provide excellent urgent care Biloxi, MS because of the assistance and the relief that we were able to give to all of our patients. When the time comes that you would need our care too, we can assure you that we will take care of you as well as your primary care doctor would.

Our goal is to provide accessible, trustworthy and patient centered services that you deserve. We do not want you to feel uncomfortable and we do not want you to experience inadequate urgent care Biloxi, MS. We want to help you and we are determined to make this happen with all our patients.

If in case you do not know how we can provide urgent care Biloxi, MS because you never had the need to go to an urgent care clinic before, let us assure you that our doctors have all been practicing medicine for a while with an excellent reputation. We are open 7 days a week to help you with those minor illnesses or injuries when your primary care doctor’s offices are closed.

Whether you are experiencing pain because of a recent fracture or you would need immediate attention for minor injuries, you know that you can rely on the urgent care Biloxi, MS that we at On Call Medical Clinic can provide. Our staff members are highly trained in the medical field and are not only knowledgeable, but patient care is our main priority.

Our urgent care Biloxi, MS does not require you to schedule an appointment with us ahead of time because we know that you do not plan on being sick or injured. You have to rely on our medical assistance and care at times. At On Call Medical Clinic our urgent care Biloxi, MS services are always here for you.

Please call us at 228 818-5155 or visit our clinic at 3091 Bienville Blvd. in Ocean Springs, Ms.


Urgent Care Biloxi, MS – Advantages You Can Get

urgent care Biloxi MS

Who has time to be sick? No one wants to be sick. The feeling of not being able to use your body in order to do something productive can be enough to make you feel bad. You do not want to miss a few days at work especially if your presence is crucial when you are sick. If this sickness occurs at a most inopportune time and your doctor is not available please visit us at On Call Medical Clinic, urgent care Biloxi, MS.

With us at On Call Medical Clinic of Ocean Springs, you can expect that you will receive the urgent care Biloxi, MS care that is needed. We provide services 7 days a week without an appointment. You can be assured that we will never close our doors to you. Please call us at 228 818-5155 to insure we are there or need to be prepared to meet you.

We can also perform other medical services at On Call Medical Clinic urgent care Biloxi, MS that could be completed quicker than waiting for an appointment with your priority care doctor. For example, school and insurance physicals, and laboratory tests. Our clinic is open to these needs as well.

You may be wondering how we can we at On Call Medical Clinic urgent care Biloxi, MS can provide the needed care when we are not a hospital, emergency room or even your own doctor. We can assure you that we only have quality tools, equipment and materials to provide you with the best health care that you need for cuts, bruises, burns and other minor injuries or sicknesses. Our medical staff will exhibit their expertise in handling your needs.

As we have mentioned, there are times when urgent care Biloxi, MS is needed and the hospital is too far away and your doctor’s offices are closed. Don’t worry you will not be disappointed when you visit On Call Medical Clinic urgent care Biloxi, MS.


Get Urgent Care Biloxi, MS Without Any Appointment



We at On Call Medical Clinic can provide you with the urgent care Biloxi, MS that you may need. We believe that you do not choose the time to get sick. You may get sick in the middle of the night when no one will be around to drive you to the hospital. You may get sick in the wee hours of the morning when no one is up yet. You can rely on the urgent care Biloxi, MS, On Call Medical Clinic to provide the medical attention you need.

We are proud to say we offer excellent urgent care services to all our patients. We are capable of providing the services needed by your whole family.

When you visit us, you can expect the following:

  1. Needed Facility and Equipment

Even though we are not an emergency room, we do in most cases have the equipment that is needed for your situation. In our clinic, we have a laboratory so that your tests can be analyzed and results can be given to you in a fast manner as a part of our urgent care Biloxi, MS services. We also have equipment that will make stitching cuts and setting fractures completed quickly.

  1. Doctor and Staff

All of our doctors and staff members are local to our area.  Why drive to the hospital when you can contact our clinic and receive quicker attention for your minor injuries or sickness? You will be given the needed medical attention at urgent care Biloxi, MS much quicker than at the emergency room.

  1. Diagnostic Examinations

We also provide modern diagnostic examinations as part of the services that we offer at urgent care Biloxi, MS. We can complete physical examinations, drug screening and athletic examinations for those activities that you may need testing and/or exams.

We can assure you that patience care is our main priority. We also can assure you much quicker care than you would receive at the emergency room. We, however, recommend you going to the emergency room for any major injury or sickness.

Please contact us at 228 818-5155 anytime if we can help. Remember we at urgent care Biloxi, MS On Call Medical Clinic are here to help with those minor injuries or sickness when your doctor is not available.