Spring Skin Care-What Changes?

spring skin care


Spring is almost here. So how do you transition your skin care from Winter to Spring. We at On Call Skin Care would like to share some spring skin care tips that you may find helpful.

First you need to go through the skin care products you are currently using.

Ask yourself the following questions.

  • How long has this product been open? If you can’t place a date to how long a product has been open, it is time to throw it away. Much like food, your skin care products will eventually expire, which can render them useless to your skin.
  • Will I use this in the Spring and Summer? You probably reach for heavier, more moisturizing products in the Fall/Winter months, and more lightweight, oil free options during Spring/Summer. If you aren’t going to use those products after the weather changes, especially if you know the product will be expired by the time you’d like to use it again, resolve to throw it away once you are no longer using it. You may want to keep a few around in case the weather changes. You should hold onto one serum, one moisturizer, and one mask.
  • Do I really use this? If you will most likely not have a need for a product, throw it away. Take a look into your bag or drawer and really consider if you are using that product. If the answer is “no but I may need it if… it is time to get rid of it.

Next in the Spring it is time to reach for lighter products.

For Normal/Combo/Oily skin types, this will likely apply to you. However, if you are one that always has dry skin no matter what, then disregard this please. With warmer weather typically comes higher humidity levels, meaning your skin will require a lighter moisturizer. That is not to say you should stop moisturizing altogether. In fact, neglecting to moisturize your skin can result in excess oil production, so be sure to find a lightweight moisturizer that keeps your skin happy and balanced.

We at On Call Skin Care hope that this spring skin care information was helpful. We at On Call are not only your local urgent care facility, we also offer several skin care services to our new or current patients. Please visit our website at www.oncallskincare.com to learn about the skin care services we offer.


Women Vitamins that will Help

women vitamins


Women are always concerned about what are the best women vitamins to take for women’s health needs. Mother Nature’s blueprint isn’t exactly high-tech, and no matter what sophisticated gadgets we use, certain age-old processes are going to continue, both monthly and over the course of a woman’s lifetime. Fortunately, we’ve evolved nutritionally and learned that along with a clean diet, rich in non-starchy veggies and lean protein, the right supplements can help smooth out the bumpy road of life.

Here are three important women vitamins that women should take.

  • B Vitamins

They’re essential for healthy metabolism of sugars and starches and for hormone production. They help turn hormones into active or inactive forms, make sure hormones reach the correct destination within a woman’s body, and help eliminate excess hormones to prevent toxicity.

B vitamins are vital for the production of neurotransmitters. “B vitamins also help combat sugar cravings and fatigue.

You should eat whole grains, lean meat, fish and eggs as well as take a B-complex supplement with 25 to 50 mg of vitamins B1, B2, and B5. Also 1,000 mcg of B12. You should always start your day out with these supplements.

  • Vitamin D3

Low levels of vitamin D, quite prevalent among women. This is linked to greater odds of PMS, death from breast cancer, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, difficult pregnancies, uterine fibroids, rheumatoid arthritis, impaired sugar metabolism, gestational diabetes, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol levels, heart disease, postmenopausal loss of bone and muscle. Optimal liver health is necessary for vitamin D absorption.

You should have your vitamin D levels checked and take the proper supplement for your particular needs.

  • Magnesium

Last magnesium is essential for many processes for a women’s body. Your magnesium can be deleted by too many sodas, caffeine and certain medications. Also, stress can delete this needed vitamin.

You should start with 100 mg daily and increase to 200-800 mg daily. You should cut back if you have loose stools.

If you don’t like the idea of the pill, you can take a bathe in Epsom salts: 2 cups in a warm tub soaking for 15 minutes 3 times a week will work.

We at On Call Medical Clinic hope that you enjoyed this information. We are here 7 days a week to help when you have minor injuries or sicknesses. We also preform several skin care services here as well. Please visit our website, www.oncallclinic.com  to learn about all our services.


Skin Care – What do Women with Great Skin Do?

skin care


Here are some tips that may help you improve your skin care and appearance.

  • Drink the Right Beverages.

Drink a shot of chlorophyll every morning to brighten, oxygenate, and hydrate your skin.

  • Maintain a Healthy Diet

Omega-3 fatty acid is essential to retain moisture. Flax seeds on your salad can be an instant boost to your omega-3. This will help increase your skin’s ability to hold onto moisture.

  • Use the Correct Cleanser for your Skin Type

For oil skin, a salicylic gel or benzoyl peroxide wash works well. For dry mature skin, use either a moisturizing glycolic or milky cleanser. For skin with brown spots or melasma, use a brightening wash, such as an alpha hydroxy acid cleanser.

  • Keep Your Hands Away From Your Face

Your hands can spread bacteria causing your skin to break out. This can lead to scarring and increase wrinkles.

  • Moisturize Every Day

You should moisturize daily experts say the best time is when you get out of the shower right before going to bed.

  • Wear Sunscreen Year Round

The sun’s UV rays are there every day. This daily UV exposure contributes to visible signs of aging.

  • Avoid Direct Heat Exposure

In the winter getting too close to fireplaces or heaters can cause a negative effect on your skin. It causes inflammation and collagen breakdown. Enjoy the warm fire but take a few steps back when doing so.

  • Be Sure and Exfoliates a Couple of Times a Week

We lose 50 million skin cells a day, and without exfoliating they can hang around leaving your skin with a gloomy appearance. Be sure and use as product that is PH neutral.

  • Stay Hydrated

Water is very important to your skin care. A lack of water means less radiance and more sag. Be sure and drink your 8 glasses of water each day.


We at On Call Skin Care hope you enjoyed these tips. We have many skin care services at our clinic from Botox, to Juvederm, to Laser Hair Removal, to Ultherapy. Please visit our website at  www.oncallskincare.com  to learn more about our services.